Flash Rabbit Yamaha XS650

Yamaha’s legendary XS650, it’s reputation precedes it. The XS is one of the most widely customised bikes in the world so to see one that’s original without being over the top is an inspiration (especially since I still have a half built one in my shed!). This XS comes from Flash Rabbit Custom Garage in Jakarta, Indonesia and it’s builder Derby Romero has been dreaming about building it for quite some time.

“When I first saw this big and powerful engine, I imagined taking the bike to a fancy event wearing a suit and tie. I had to make it look classy and elegant, so i decided to build a cafe racer with a touch of modern styling. Big tires, Big chrome gas tank a classic Cafe seat and a subtle grey frame.”


“I bought this bike from an old biker friend, it was sitting unused in his garage. It was in a pretty bad shape with patches of rust but the engine was still pretty good. I took the bike to my workshop where I started working on servicing the engine. I replaced the old wires and changed the carbs. I already had a concept for XS650 because it has always been one of my dream bikes.”


“After working with the engine, we started working on the appearance. The gas tank, a classic Cafe Racer style is handmade, the clubman style handlebars are handmade. There’s a Honda CB headlamp with handmade cover, the front suspension from an 80’s GSX400, a Cafe Racer seat with a stop lamp I mounted in the back and a handmade velocity stack. To put some muscle in this bike I choose a big tire, 500.16 Shinko whitewall tires.”