Deus Bali’s Cafe Racer 225

Deus Bali appeared on the scene only a few short months ago and it seems they are already wheeling some very desirable machines out of their workshop. This bike titled the Deus Cafe Racer 225 echoes back to one of the first custom Motorcycles the company built that caught my eye, the Grevious Angel. Unlike the Angel this bike isn’t based on a Yamaha SR400 but a Yamaha 225 TW or XT (please someone correct me on that).


The Cafe Racer 225 has been somewhat of a test bike for the Deus Bali workshop. They new range of smaller cc motorcycles available in Indonesia have given them a whole heap of new machines to test the waters with.

Here’s some specs on the Cafe Racer 225:

* Firestone Classic Tires – 450×18 rear – 350×18 front
* Custom aluminum alloy tank and fairing
* Nitro head bubble studded cafe racer seat
* Custom made exhaust
* Daytona piggyback 34cm shocks
* Daytona speedo/tacho
* Alloy LED instrument panel
* Aluminum clip on handlebars
* 18inch alloy rim with stainless steel spokes
* Extended S400 swing arm
* K&N racing air filter
* custom LED tail light
* Bullet style blinkers
* Yamaha 225cc engine

The bike will be laft raw and unpainted which I personally love…and really what does paint do other than add a bit more weight! The front alloy fairing is the business and I’m also loving the vert number plate which reminds me a lot of the chopper/bobber scene in the states.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.