Custom Triumph Bobber

Valquiria – Tamarit Triumph Bobber Black

Spanish workshop Tamarit Motorcycles have over 100 custom Triumph Modern Classics under their belts. Along with building custom bikes for customers, they offer an ever-growing list of aftermarket parts and accessories. This positions them as one of, if not the, most prolific modifiers of the British marque in the world.

One glaring omission from the Tamarit lineup however was the Triumph Bobber. That is, at least, until now.

Custom Triumph Bobber Black

Valquiria is Tamarit’s first Bobber build and was based upon a black variant of the soft tailed Bonneville. But it wasn’t just the donor bike that made this project unique. “This project is special for two reasons, one because it is based on a new model that we had not used before,” says Tamarit. “But also because it is our first project for a female client, something we had been looking forward to for a long time.”

Tamarit Triumph Bobber

As with many of their builds, Valquiria has paved the way for the development of aftermarket parts for the Triumph Bobber. And by far the most striking of the modifications is the all-new tail unit.

The tail, which has the look of a cafe racer styled hornets tail, transforms the look of the Bobber. Hovering over the rear of the chassis it creates a much sportier stance than the Bobbers usual laid back posture. It secures directly to the Bobber using existing mounting points making it a direct replacement for the stock seat. Tamarit offers the unit in standard Triumph Bobber colours or unpainted, with either black or brown upholstery and each one comes with a laser-cut Bobber emblem on the back.

Custom Triumph Bobber Black

Beneath the tail sits another new addition to the Tamarit catalogue. The aptly named ‘Bobber kit’ consists of a fender eliminator with a hugger style license plate mount. The bolt-on part comes complete with an LED taillight, homologation reflector and a pair of Motogadget m.Blaze pin turn signals. The kit also includes a laser-cut stainless steel chainguard bearing the Tamarit name and a perimeter hugging rear fender. Securing the fender in place is a laser-cut stainless bracket and the fender itself features a ribbed profile to match the end of the tail unit.

Tamarit Triumph Bobber

At Valquiria’s front end, sitting low on the chassis is a laser-cut Triumph Bobber sump guard. Moving up from there you’ll find a Tamarit ‘Little Bastard’ front fender and above that one of their bottom mount 3/4 headlights. The stock handlebars and controls remain, but bar end Motogadget m.Blaze Disc turn signals replaced the Bobbers clunky factory items.

Custom Triumph Bobber Black

When it came to improving Valquiria’s performance, Tamarit focused on freeing up the Bobbers intake and exhaust.

Hanging from each of the bikes faux carbs are Free Spirits Power Filters. Mounted on 180-degree intakes they feed the engine with cool air that boosts power and keeps operating temperatures down. As for the exhaust, it’s a MASS Escape system designed specifically for Triumph Modern Classics which eliminates the restrictive factory cat and mufflers.

To make this Triumph Bobber really stand out Tamarit finished it in smart-looking pale blue and gold livery. Custom made gold and black Tamarit emblems embellish the tank and the engines inspection covers wear custom made covers.

Once again Tamarit has shown us why they’re the top dogs in the custom Triumph scene. Building custom bikes is no mean feat. And manufacturing parts is no walk in the park either. Yet Tamarit continues to excel at both and we’re eager to see what they have in store for us next.


Custom Triumph Bobber Black