Low Brow Customs Bonneville Speed Week 2011

“Faster, faster, faster,until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death”

Earlier this year the Lowbrow Customs crew made their way to Bonneville salt flats for the 2011 Speedweek. Riding their two speed trial vintage Triumphs, Tyler and Kyle managed to set multiple records during the 7 day event and are already talking about what they want to achieve at the 2012 event. Unlike last year the guys were much more prepared and have been sharing some great photos from out on the salt and they are also in the process of finalising a short film about the event. Filmed and edited by John Glover the full film will be available soon and we’ll be sure to post it when it’s available. For now you will have to settle with the trailer and some photos of those stunning, record breaking Triumphs.