Brittown: a British motorcycle documentary film

If you haven’t already seen Brit Town the following video containing the first 10 minutes of the documentary style film will convince you to go buy a copy. “Meatball” and the the “No Gooders” (the worlds smallest motorcycle gang) take you in to their lives of building, racing and talking about two wheeled machines. The main theme behind the film is the build of Meatballs Triumph 650 which he builds out of his backyard workshop with the help of his loveable and highly skilled mates. It’s loads of fun and the final result of the build is enough to inspire anyone to get out there and build their own.

“Brittown features legendary underground mechanic and Britbike connoisseur “Meatball” from the Hell On Wheels bike shop in Anaheim, CA as he eats, drinks, and sleeps British iron; using all his skill to transform an old 650 Triumph Bonneville motor into a barely-legal road racer.

 Embracing the legacy of Steve McQueen, Meatball runs his old BSA in vintage motocross races, flies down the Willow Springs raceway on his Norstar, and conquers the So Cal freeways with the No Gooders motorcycle club while still finding time for his family and his rock band Smiling Face Down”