Return of the Cafe Racers - Riding Gear – SKRAM Motorcycle Glasses

Riding Gear – SKRAM Motorcycle Glasses

Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous business. There’s plenty of riding gear out there to keep your head, hands, torso, legs and feet safe, but what about protecting your most important riding tool, your eyes? Those who wear visorless open-face or 3/4 helmets are at the greatest risk of injury. Low light can also put wearers of full-face helmets at risk. Tinted visors need to be lifted at night and in the process expose your eyes to flying road debris. So what’s the solution?

Skram Motorcycle Glasses

Mark Hawwa, the man behind the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, has teamed up with some eyewear experts to create a new product designed especially for riders. After 3 years of development, they’ve created an eyewear solution that is both protective and adaptive to changing light conditions. Their SKRAM motorcycle glasses also boast a great streetwear aesthetic and they’re funding their release now through a Kickstarter campaign.

We have created the only eyewear you will ever see us riding in. A product that we have 100% trust in, a product that we enjoy wearing on and off the bike. This is the last pair of sunglasses we as riders need.” – Mark Hawwa

The SKRAM motorcycle glasses come in 3 different multi sex styles. You can also choose from 2 frame finishes of either black or Havana (tortoiseshell) and 2 lens styles of clear or yellow tint. To protect your eyes from injury the lenses are both shatterproof and 100% UV blocking. SKRAM have even carefully considered the thickness of the glasses arms to ensure they will slide into your helmet without discomfort.

As for dealing with changing light conditions, the SKRAM motorcycle glasses are photosensitive and will automatically tint darker or lighter depending on the conditions. That means you can wear the glasses all day and into the night without ever having to remove them. SKRAM are also offering their glasses with prescription lenses for the ultimate all-round eyewear offering.

Mark and the SKRAM team are all motorcycle riders. Along with developing a pair of glasses they would use themselves they enlisted the help of their friends to put their product to the test. More than 50 riders tested their designs during the 3 years of development with great results. Now with the approval of their peers, SKRAM is launching their motorcycle glasses on Kickstarter where you can grab a deal on a pair before they hit the market.

If you’re an early backer can save $30 off a pair of SKRAM glasses of your choice. SKRAM is also offering the glasses with a care kit that includes a case, cleaning products, an adjustment tool and SKRAM keyring.


Skram Motorcycle Glasses Motorcycle Glasses

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