Ducati Sport Classic motorcycle at a race track at sunset

Teaser: Marc Holstein, Professional Motorcycle Photographer

Next time you’re lazily thumbing through your Instagram feed looking at one amazing bike photo after another, just take a moment to think about the process that results in all that eyecandy being available for you to drool over. A motorcycle maker might spend years creating something truly amazing, but if they then take a not-so-happy snap of it on their iPhone and just send it off into the internet ether, chances are pretty much no one will care.

That’s because between that bike and your hungry, hungry eyes stands the talented and often unsung heroes that are the professional photographers. These are the men and women who juggle the photons and – quite literally – call the shots to ensure that these vehicles look every bit as good in pixels as they do in real life. Here’s one of Germany’s best; his name is Marc Holstein.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Marc Holstein, I’m a photographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. I’ve been shooting seriously for six years now and for four years as a professional. Besides automotive shoots, I also do corporate work, portraits and weddings.

I’m also into motorbikes, of which I currently have three. And in my spare time, I’m listening to music and DJ-ing. I used to be a music producer before I got into photography, but I still spin some tunes and sometimes I upload stuff to MixCloud. I like progressive house, punk rock – almost anything that’s not too commercial.

Ducati Race motorcycle from Spain's XTR Pepo

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