Return of the Cafe Racers - Round Two – Venier Corsaiola V75

Round Two – Venier Corsaiola V75

Back in 2012 Stefano Venier founded his ‘Venier Customs’ workshop. As an exercise in producing a series of bikes under the Venier moniker he developed the Moto Guzzi V75 based ‘Corsaiola’. The bikes name roughly translated to ‘speedy’ and was Stefano’s attempt at transforming the relatively mundane V75 into a motorcycle that would deliver a “pure cafe racer experience”. In the 4 years since Corsaiola 01 was completed Venier has built a slew of amazing custom motorcycles which obviously took precedence over the project. Not wanting to see the series go unfinished Stefano has revisited the concept to complete number 2 of the proposed 7 bikes using his learnings from the past 4 years to improve upon his original design.

Like its predecessor the Corsaiola 02 is based upon a 1989 version of Moto Guzzi’s V75. The V75 was never much of a looker or a performer, but despite its drawbacks Stefano saw potential in the Italian v-twin. To unlock some of that potential however he first had to strip away all of the bikes unwanted elements leaving little more than a rolling frame and engine.

The Venier Customs approach entails using “only high quality materials” such as aluminium and carbon fiber to improve upon a motorcycle’s existing design. In the case of the Corsaiola 02 Stefano rebuilt the bike’s bodywork utilising this skills in metal forming. The Corsaiola’s fuel tank, side panels, fenders and plate holder are all constructed from aluminium to create the bikes smooth lines and to help reduce its overall weight.

The frame also underwent some modifications to prepare it for the Corsailoa treatment. Along with a basic clean up the most notable changes to the frame were to allow the fitment of Stefano’s revised seat design and a set of Tarozzi rear set footpegs. To complete the more aggressive riding position matching Tarozzi clip on bars were then mounted to the original forks. Leveling out the bone line of the frame was done by simply positioning the clamps lower on the fork legs while in the rear a set of Ikon shocks add a bit of lift and improve the bikes handling.

To further tighten the proportions of the V75, small bodied indicators have been mounted close to the bodywork and the headlight is nestled snugly between the forks. To keep the rear clean there’s a brake light recessed into the custom leather seat and rather than hiding his handiwork on the rear fender the number plate sits suspended above the rear wheel via a custom made bracket.

With only 10,000kms on the engine the V75 was far from tired, but Stefano still underwent a complete rebuild to breathe some life back into the bike. With a few tweaks to the engines internals, a carb re-tune and a custom set of pipes and mufflers from Italian exhaust specialists ‘Mistral’, the bike now produces a respectable 60bhp.

One of the most noticeable differences between the 01 and 02 versions of the Corsaiola is the ample use of black. Stefano opted for a satin black finish on the frame, exhaust and shocks to give the bike a more sinister appearance than its predecessor and to draw even more attention to its beautifully simple, satin white fuel tank.

Although it has taken this long for the second in a series of 7 to be completed, Stefano is happy with how it has progressed. The past 4 years have allowed him to improve upon his initial design and ultimately offer customers a higher quality product, which I’m sure the owner of this bike or his future Corsaiola customers aren’t going to be complaining about.

Photography by Donatello Trevisiol

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