The Silver Saxons

Any guess at how much one of the beauties would set you back these days?

“In 1978 S&S Performance bought just ten brand new, unregistered, and unstamped Kawasaki CR1000’s from Rickman and fitted the ATP (American Turbo Pak) turbo kit to the “standard” motor. The boost was minimal to say the least, a meager 5 psi was all it was safely capable of running due to the standard compression ratio of 8.7:1. Although not mind-bending, the figures quoted for the standing quarter were 11.54sec @ 126mph with a top speed of above 150mph. The only other difference from the standard Rickman CR1000 (apart from the obvious turbo kit) was the crusader decal on the sides of the fairing, a boost gauge mounted on the RH side rocker cover and it’s individual “LTD TURBO” number on the side panels. The price then was £3850 making this what must have been the most expensive production motorcycle in its time.”