Bike Of The Day: 1941 Indian Four

The Indian Four, a model produced by Harley-Davidson’s biggest rival, was introduced to the market in 1928 as a derivative of the Ace. Despite debuting during the harsh times of the Great Depression, it cemented its position as America’s most luxurious motorcycle and persevered through the difficult years.

It was not until the outbreak of World War II that the Four’s production was halted. With America’s involvement in the war, the sale of the bike to the public ceased in 1942. However, the previous year marked the final mass production of the Four like the example featured here.

This particular example underwent a complete mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment in 2017 performed by Indian Engineering from Stanton, California. During the refurbishment process, the fuel tank and fenders were replaced, the bodywork was refinished in red, the frame was powder-coated in black, and the 77ci inline four and three-speed transmission were overhauled. Additionally, the suspension, brakes, and wheels were rebuilt.

Photo Source: Bring A Trailer