Vibrations recycled Honda CB750


What once was old is new again.


Rather than looking for new materials to shape the bodywork of their custom creations, the Vibrations workshop uses the recycled steel of old signs and storage drums. Painstakingly beating and shaping the recycled panels to form everything from the front fairing to the rear cowl on this Honda CB750. Adding to the awesome effect is are the areas where the guys have chosen to let the old paint remain, hinting at exactly where each piece came from and what task it performed in its past life.

“The main material from which comes this story, is a material of recovery: plate barrels normally used in different industrial sectors, ranging from petrochemicals to food. These barrels, With their bright colors and unique screen-prints, suggest a multitude of colors combinations and surface patterns. Furthermore, the forced exposure to the atmospheric elements over time make possible an unrepeatable aesthetic transformation …. here comes the fun!”

Despite all the hullabaloo surrounding global warming, there’s nothing quite like piloting a vehicle powered by oil-derived fuel that explodes beneath me and spews noise and filth out into the atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for saving the planet, but it will be a sad day when I have to lay my fossil fuelled beast to rest and pilot whatever sustainable form of transport they dictate we should use instead. Until then though Italian Design studio ‘Vibrazioni (Vibrations) Art Design’ may have the perfect a solution.