Readers rides October 2011

October! What the hell happened to September!? More amazing home built Cafe Racers from our readers. This time round it’s an all Honda round up. Keep em coming!

Cliff’s 1977 Honda CB750F2 Cafe Racer

The ‘High Tea Racer’ is a Cafe Racer with “a touch of steampunk”. The bikes top triple has been shaved and clip on bars fitted, new instruments, new lighting all round and some modifications to the Hondas frame give it the classic Cafe look. Other custom modifications include the seat, leather tool/saddle bag, a trick paint job and the “brass section” velocity stacks. Check out Cliff’s Steam punk website for some of his other handy work


Tom’s 1979 Honda CB550K Cafe Racer

When Tom bought his Honda CB550K it not only looked like crap but smelt like it too! The bike had been in a barn for 12-13 years next to a sewage plant so nothing short of a full strip down would suffice. Once the stench was gone and all the redundant lugs had been removed Tom ordered a tank and seat combo from Vonzeti. A new rear hoop was installed go match the new bodywork and the frame went off for powder coating. The engine received some much needed love in the form of new rings, lapped valves and mild porting. The velocity stacks and rear sets are one offs turned by a mate on a lathe but everything else was completed by Tom in his home workshop.

John’s 1977 Honda GL1000 Goldwing  Cafe Racer

When it comes to building a Cafe Racer these days it seems that almost anything goes. Our reader John decided his Honda Goldwing would make a great base for a Cafe build. He bored out the motor to 1100cc’s for a bit of extra oomph, lowered it’s stance, cross drilled the brake rotors and got rid of the stock carb rack for a two barrel webber. To get it looking the part he installed clubman bars, removed the turn signals and tail lights and powder coated his rims to match the bodywork. Finally he modified a pair of Hayabusa mufflers and fitted them to a set of aftermarket headers. Looks like fun…

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