Pasquale Motors

Pasquale Motors
Bogotá, Colombia

The Pasquale brothers have been building bikes for a few years along with their Dad. So, now that building bikes has become a family affair, they decided to change the name of the company from Garaje57 to Pasquale Motors. Their first build under their new company name is the Mamba Suzuki DR650. They named the motorcycle  ‘Mamba’ because of its pipes resembling the snake of the same name. 

Today, Pasquale Motors is a dream builder shop. They build dreams in the shape of motorcycles. They don’t just bend metal, we capture the essence and spirit of riders. They also believe that a motorcycle shouldn’t just be about getting from A to B. It should be about an exciting adventure that empowers you and shows the world who you are. The company share your passion, that’s why they build every bike with the same detail and love you would, making them unique motorized art pieces, that are both beautiful and functional.

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