Bike Of The Day: PRAËM ‘SP3’ Honda VTR1000 RC51

The unique machine you see here is a remarkable creation by PRAËM, a leading French company in the dynamic custom scene of the 21st Century. Founded in 2014 by Sylvain Berneron, a former designer at BMW Motorrad, and his brother Florent, a former aerospace technician in the French Army, PRAËM has brought forth the extraordinary ‘PRAËM SP3’ project.

The remarkable ‘PRAËM SP3’ was built using a Honda VTR1000 RC51 SP2 as a base, the SP3 showcases superior engineering with upgraded components, concealed mechanics, improved brakes and suspension. The integration of a TAG Heuer chronograph adds prestige. Completed in 2015 after 4,000 labor hours, the SP3 boasts a rebuilt engine generating 165bhp, a 12-liter fuel tank, and a lightweight dry weight of 180kg.

Source: Bonhams