Bike Of The Day: NorStar Cafe Racer

This 2004 NorStar café racer was created by  Dave Smith Classic Motorcycles in Plainfield, Illinois. Highlighting exquisite craftsmanship, the bike showcases silver-finished custom alloy bodywork enveloping a black powder-coated Norton Manx featherbed frame that underwent modifications to accommodate a 611cc BSA Gold Star four-stroke single engine, enhanced through bore and stroke adjustments.

Paired ingeniously, the engine aligns with a custom BSA gearbox furnished with a Triumph five-speed gearset. Noteworthy additions comprise Excel alloy rims, stainless-steel spokes, a Fontana four leading-shoe front drum brake, and a Manx conical rear brake hub, all contributing to its superior braking efficacy. The motorcycle boasts a replica Manx fork, adjustable Hagon shocks, and swan-neck clip-on handlebars, granting precise handling.

A comfortable RK Leighton bump seat complements its functionality, while Smiths Chronometric instrumentation offers classic style and accurate performance readings. The Unity Equipe rear-set foot controls enhance control, alongside the practicality of the integrated center stand. The NorStar café racer stands as a testament to meticulous design, amalgamating these components into an exceptional and harmonious whole.

Source: Bring A Trailer