Yamaha R5 Giant Killer custom

Spotted this great Yamaha R5 “Giant Killer” custom on Garage Project motorcycles. After a bit of digging all I managed to find was an extra photo but no details about the builder other than the name “Atom Motorcycles”. If you know anything about this build be sure to let us know!

The R5 certainly isn’t a bad looking motorcycle in it’s standard set up but this one was reportedly a basket case picked up for only $75! The Yamaha R5 gained it’s giant killer name because of it’s incredible performance. The 350cc two stroke will easily lift the front end of the bike in first and second and even though it’s now about 40 years old, can keep up with modern super bikes. I’m not sure I’d be keen doing wheelies of this bike especially with that strange wire on the back (anal probe anyone?)