Return of the Cafe Racers - Riding Gear – Ottolock Cinch Lock

Riding Gear – Ottolock Cinch Lock

Opportunity theft happens when a less-than-upstanding member of society sees something valuable and decides to make it their own. Your motorcycle helmet for example. You’re just heading in for a flat white and leave it perched atop your seat. When you return, it’s no longer there and you realize you’ve just been the victim of a swipe-and-go crime. The Ottolock Cinch Lock was designed to prevent such casual crime.

Ottolock Cinch Lock

Made up of three layers of stainless steel, reinforced with DuPont Kevlar the Cinch Lock is designed and manufactured in the United States by Ottolock, a design firm made up of bicycle riders. While bicycles may have been the Cinch Lock’s initial target audience, the utility if offers as a helmet lock is clear.

The lock itself is a resettable three-digit combination case coated in a chip-resistant paint. And before you start to worry about any scratches to your motorcycles finish, the coil is wrapped in a thermoplastic elastomer that keeps everything it touches safe from scuffs. It’s also available in a range of different colours from crook deterring high vis orange and green to less conspicuous black or grey.

As an essential part of your EDC riding gear you’ll always have this with you — even the largest length, measuring in at 150 cm, coils to just 10 cm across and weighs a measly 260g. That means the Ottolock Cinch Lock is extremely easy to stash in a rucksack, jacket pocket or under the seat of your bike. And, most importantly, makes it much more difficult for someone to walk off with your beloved riding gear.


Ottolock Cinch Lock

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