Norton Manx 500 by Works Racing

Patrick Walker of Works Racing did exactly that. Since 2008, out of a shed beside his home in Stafford-Upon-Avon, Patrick produces parts for Norton Manx owners around the world. Each part produced by Works Racing is identical or interchangeable with the original Manx engine designs.

The bike pictured here is a Works Racing Norton Manx which was built for the 2011 vintage racing season. The bike completed the season with 15 podium positions as well as taking out the Dennis Parker Trophy at the 2011 Barry Sheene Festival. 

Since completing the 2011 racing season the bike has undergone a full engine rebuild back in the Works Racing workshop and has only been started for setting timing and tuning and is now up for sale. With a price set at 27,000 pounds, it’s a big investment but this Norton is unlike any other and you will, without a doubt be getting what you’ve paid for. Read on for a full breakdown of what you’ll get for your money…

“This engine pulls like a train and never lets up”

The ultimate Norton crankcases. Produced from a brand new state of the art pattern work, the castings are of the highest possible quality. They are machined in house to incredibly tight tolerances. The end result is a bottom end with minimised friction which equates directly to more power and less vibration. One-piece crank machined from the highest quality nitriding steel, this part is a huge improvement over the original multi-piece design. The design was optimised using the latest FEA methods and is extremely stiff. This translates into more power and greatly reduced vibration.

The con rod is machined from an EN24V forging ensuring maximum stiffness and strength. The big end bearing is a tri-metal shell of generous proportions. The bolts are unique to us and are also made from superb quality forgings.

The Works oil pump looks just like the original Norton part and is fully interchangeable. However, inside the pump is heavily modified and features the very latest Formula 1 style porting. This avoids the cavitation that the original pump suffers from – An essential upgrade if running a plain big end bearing.

The piston is 86mm 2 ring piston is made exclusively for Works Racing by Omega; one of the industry\\’s leading suppliers. It features a 7/8\\” pin and standard crown shape. However, the underside of the piston is thoroughly modern. It has crossed braced pin bosses for extra rigidity and a low friction coating on the skirt. Our customers report excellent durability.

The cylinder is machined from billet alloy and Nicasil plated. A huge improvement on the original part. Superlight valves with 7mm stems and dual spring that runs happily to 9000rpm with Works valves.

But wait there’s more!

  • TTI 6 speed magnesium gearbox
  • Richard Adams frame
  • 18″ WM2/WM3 alloy rims
  • PAL 2011 mag
  • 1.5″ Amal GP carb
  • Newby belt drive and clutch
  • Conical brakes by Ian Campbell of Classic Brake Service
  • Roadholder forks with adjustable internals
  • Molnar stainless exhaust
  • Adjustable steering damper
  • Alloy tanks and yokes
  • Falcon shocks
  • and a swag full of new parts ready for the next racing season
The bike’s owner confidently states that in the right hands this Manx will be a winner, and I think you’ll agree that there aren’t many people out there who would have the knowledge or skills to tell him he’s wrong.
What do you do when you have a few old 500s Manx Norton’s in the shed that need fixing up, but you just can’t seem to find the parts you need? Simple, buy yourself a CNC mill, draw up perfect 3D CAD replicas of every single engine part (after learning how to use CAD!) and mill them yourself.