Return of the Cafe Racers - Gear Review – Goose Motorcycle Tent

Gear Review – Goose Motorcycle Tent

I feel the need… the need to go camping! I don’t know about you, but the idea of heading out on a motorcycle for a few days of camping sounds like the perfect getaway. What could be better than riding all day then sleeping under the stars free from the stress of city life, just you and your trusty steed?

Unfortunately, without the proper gear, you may struggle to make that dream a reality. Motorcycle travel is nothing new and there are plenty of bikes and luggage systems designed especially for it. If however, you don’t ride that kind of bike or feel like bolting extra bits to your slick ride you’ll need to find another solution. Introducing the Wingman of the Road ‘Goose’ a new motorcycle tent system designed especially with motorcyclists in mind.

Created by Kendal and Callie Sants the Goose is a swag style all-in-one motorcycle tent. This means it solves all of your camp shelter needs in one go. Best of all the whole thing rolls up into a 10kg package that’s under 65cm wide and 34cm round. All you need to do is secure it to the back of your seat using tie-down straps.

The Goose is constructed from heavy duty rip stop canvas similar to the stuff the military use. The canvas has been treated making it waterproof and insulated. All of the seams are double stitched and the zips are heavy duty to create an all-around sturdy and weatherproof package. Wingman of the Road’s Goose also comes with an integrated sleeping bag and high-density foam mattress that’s packed inside the tent. This removes the need to carry additional sleeping gear.

The Goose is also well adapted to dealing with different conditions. During wetter months you’ll stay dry thanks to the tent’s canvas exterior and heavy-duty waterproof PVC base. You’ll also stay warm most of the year because the sleeping bag is rated for 3 season use. On warmer nights you can open the two large entries on each side that feature mosquito netting to keep the bugs out. Then on each end, there are additional ventilation windows that can also be closed to keep the warmth in.

One of the other appealing aspects of the Goose is how easy it is to set up and tear down. Performing either task takes a mere 5 minutes. I was lucky enough to have a Goose to try out so here’s how it went on my very first attempt setting it up.

Step 1: After removing the Goose from the bike I placed it on the floor and opened the buckles. I rolled the tent out and positioned the cover how I wanted it. Goose suggest placing the cover to the right of the tent so you can create a ‘dry space’ to store your helmet and other riding gear out of the elements.

Step 2: I removed the poles and pegs from the pocket in the cover. There are 3 poles in total. Two elastic core curved fibreglass poles and one telescopic. After piecing together the curved poles I fed them through a canvas sleeve and each end of the tent, clipped on the edges and anchored at the base. All the securing points are cleverly built into the structure.

Step 3: I put the two halves of the telescopic pole together. I place the points on the ends of the telescopic pole into the eyelets at each end of the tent and extended the pole out. This raised the centre of the tent up and taught. I then pushed the lock on the pole down to secure it. At this stage, I pretty much had a freestanding tent!

Step 4:  I used the pegs and tiedown ropes to secure the tent to the ground and extend the ends.

Step 5: (optional) I rolled my bike alongside the tent making sure it was parked on stable ground. I then extend the side panel out and secured it to the bike. This created my create dry storage space and completed the setup.

Goose Wingman of the Road tent

Sounds easy right? That’s because it was! In fact, it was so easy I was left feeling like I’d missed something out.  Taking such a short time to erect means you can set up late and pack as much riding time into your day as possible. With everything rolled into one all that needs to be considered is what other gear you’ll need. On a weekend trip, you’ll probably get away with just a backpack and a few other essentials.

The Wingman of the Road Goose motorcycle tent retails for £310 and comes with a 3-year warranty. Sure it’s not the cheapest option out there, but compare it with non-motocentric swags of the same calibre and you’ll see the value.

If you’re yearning for an open road escape the Goose motorcycle tent is ready to be your wingman.


Goose Wingman of the Road tent

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