Team Kagayama

Team Kagayama
8-1-15 Kamikusayanagi Yamato-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 242-0029
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“Team KAGAYAMA” started racing activities at the age of 15 and I experienced racing abroad for 8 years after going through the All Japan Championships, for Kagayama, not only made himself a rider, but also raised him as a rider world As a gratuity reply to, I thought that I could do it myself, I could only do it myself, I came to establishment. We think that we will manage the team based on experiences and know-how gained overseas and constantly thinking about attracting audiences, planning and acting, leading to the development of the entire race industry. At the same time, we can do ourselves as a racer, and through this motor sports, “having a dream” “giving dreams to people” “continuing one thing” “Continue to impress many people I think that it is to convey the four important things “things”, we will do a good race.

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