MOMODesign Firegun 2 GTX

MOMO Design Firegun 2 GTX boots

If you’re familiar with the MOMO brand it’s most likely because of their steering wheels and gear knobs. The MOMO brand is synonymous with performance cars and racing, but not so much with motorcycles. The reality is though that MOMO has been producing Jet style motorcycle helmets for over a decade and in more recent years, full face helmets aimed at the touring rider segment. For 2021 MOMO Design is expanding its motorcyclist offering to include motorcycle luggage and footwear.

The Firegun 2 GTX boots are one of a handful of new models in the MOMO Design 2021 motorcycle footwear range.  Designed to cope with the rigours of everyday commuting the Firegun 2 GTX boots are ideal for milder seasons and climates. Styled to blend safety and protection with comfort and wearability they’ll feel right at home both on and off the motorcycle.

MOMO Motorcycle Boots

The MOMO Design Firegun 2 GTX boots utilise a GORE-TEX outer shell to provide exceptional water resistance without sacrificing breathability. This has been achieved by calculating the size difference between water droplets and water vapour molecules and creating microscopic pores on the surface of the fabric. For added weatherproofing, the Firegun 2 GTX boots also come with a waterproof gaiter and tall, puddle guard border around each sole.

MOMO Design Firegun 2 GTX

Fitting the Firegun 2 GTX boots involves the use of both laces and a cross over velcro strap on the ankle. This design approach ensures a secure fit while keeping laces safely stowed away from your motorcycles moving parts.

For visual symmetry, both the left and right boots come with TPU shift pads over the big toe. Flipping them over will also reveal dedicated gear shift/footpeg panels designed to offer higher precision and grip while you ride. As for the sole itself, MOMO teamed up with Groundtrax to create a groppy, extremely hard-wearing and self-cleaning sole.

MOMO Motorcycle Boots

Internally there’s no shortage of technical inclusions in the Firegun 2 GTX boots. The boots specially designed ZPLATE shank is optimised for frontal flexibility to provide all-day walking comfort. But when it’s put under transverse pressure the shank remains stiff to minimise the risk of injury. Additionally, you’ll find reinforcement in the boots toe and heel region and malleolus armour flanking each ankle.

For added comfort and longevity the Firegun 2 GTX boots feature an OrthoLite cushioned footbed. Manufactured to compress less than 5% during its lifetime it will provide comfort throughout years of use. The Ortholite foam utilises an open-cell design that moves moisture and heat away from the feet.

MOMO Motorcycle Boots

Sturdy laterally, flexible frontally. The ZPLATE® shank in the midsole keeps the right flexibility of the shoe, for optimal riding and walking comfort, ensuring at the same time the transverse rigidity to protect the foot, in case of an accident.

The combination of all of the Firegun 2 GTX safety features have resulted in the boots earning a CE certification that rates them as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The boots retail for a touch under $190USD and come in sizes from 38 through to 48.

Available from: Revzilla

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