Bike Of The Day: 2015 Darwin Motorcycles GTR Brawler

The Brawler GT, created by Dar Holdsworth and Darwin Motorcycles, embodies their vision of an all-American motorcycle that can be ridden daily or unleashed with spirited power.

Based on the Harley-Davidson FXR frame, Holdsworth developed and constructed a new frame, incorporating the mighty twin-cam, V-twin S&S T-124 EFI engine, boasting a massive 124 cubic inches (2031cc). The power and torque generated by this beastly engine are beyond words. To achieve a balance between cruising and ripping, the bike features a 6-speed Rivera Primo transmission, a sturdy chain-driven rear wheel, lightweight BST carbon wheels, ISR calipers, and EBC floating rotors.

For superior suspension, Ohlins components were chosen for both the front and rear. To further enhance performance, a custom-made aluminum swing-arm was installed. Every metal piece on the bike was meticulously hand-formed by the Cooper Smithing Co. The seat was designed with a thin profile without compromising comfort, utilizing modern-technology foam.

The Brawler GT represents the perfect combination of power, style, and craftsmanship, truly embodying the spirit of an all-American motorcycle built for everyday riding or exhilarating adventures.

Source: Bonhams