Return of the Cafe Racers - Finding parts for your Cafe Racer #2

Finding parts for your Cafe Racer #2

If it’s Cafe Racer parts and accessories you’re after here are a few more awesome online stores where you can find what you’re looking for…


Since appearing on the scene in 2007 the Wrenchmonkees have gained the attention (and respect) of motorcyclists around the globe. The Wrenchmonkee’s unique style approach takes motorcycles back to basics where only the bare essentials remain. Paint schemes are basic, parts are often recycled and attitude is king.

Cafe Racer influence is obvious in their approach to the machines they create and in my opinion, they are building what I feel to be the future of Cafe Racer style and culture (f**k you if you don’t agree).

A few months ago the Wrench Monkees (finally!) launched their online store. Since not all the parts found on their bikes are second hand they took it upon themselves to offer some of the parts they use to customers worldwide.

Categories include bodywork (fenders, number plates), electrics (headlights, tail lights, indicators), exhausts, goodies (t-shirts, books, DVDs), handling (handlebars, throttle sleeves, grips, pegs), intake (Air filters), motorcycles (yes you can by their bikes!), tires, vintage/one-off (old leathers, vintage grips, pinstriped helmets, etc).


carpy cafe racers


Carpy (Steve Carpenter) is an ex-pat living in the USA (California) and has been building Cafe Racers since 78. Growing up in the UK with a Rocker/Cafe Racer rider for a Dad you can see how he got to where he is today. Carpy loves the mighty Honda CB750 and uses it as a base for the majority of his Cafe Racer conversions. His bikes have appeared in Cafe Racer Magazine and he even built a Cafe Racer for Greenday.

If you’ve got a Honda CB750 that you’re looking to give the Cafe Racer treatment (or any bike for that matter) visit CB750 Cafe to get started. You can view photo’s of Carpy’s Cafe Racers for inspiration and then check out his store to pick up some custom Cafe Racer parts. You can also see his bikes in action by checking out his channel on YouTube.

As with any bike builder who has been building as long as Carpy he’s producing his own custom Cafe Racer parts and sells them on his website along with other favourite custom parts he has in stock.

Some parts you will find on his site include finned oil tanks, a variety of Cafe Racer style gas tanks, swing arms, Carb sets, fenders, alloy Cafe Racer seats (handmade), ignition relocation brackets, decals, lighting, fairing….the list goes on. Carpy will also custom build you parts for your bike to order and if you’re close to his place he can even perform a complete engine rebuild for you (Max power at minimum risk).

You can be guaranteed you will be getting quality. Carpy is passionate about his work and hates poor workmanship (just have a read of his site).

If you’re looking for a 4 into 1 exhaust Carpy now stocks these stunning Yoshimura replica exhausts for only $400USD (ceramic coated!). They sound incredible and look the business in Satin black. Just have a watch of the video below and I’m sure you will be placing an order minutes later.




Bratstyle: Very few custom motorcycle workshops could lay claim to popularising their own style of motorcycle and Bratstyle is one of them. Mentions of Brat style or Bratstyle motorbikes can be found all over the web which is a testament to what Bratstyle have achieved.

Bratstyle bikes are best described as a cross between a bobber and a flat tracker. With short wheelbases, flat track or small ape bars, low seats, custom pipes, old school tires and basic paint schemes. The bikes have a youthful trouble maker feel to them which to me explains the name.

Bratsyle (the workshop) can be found in Soka City, Japan which for most you who read this site will be out of reach. But thankfully over the last year due to the popularity, they have gained they are now responding to email queries regarding parts (email them at [email protected]).

Bratstyle have the capability to manufacture almost any part they need for their custom creations and you will also find a range of high-quality production parts in the Bratstyle online store. Seats, fenders, mufflers, handlebars and tanks are some of what you will find. Prices are in Yen so jump on to to get your currency conversions.

Bratstyle have a soft spot for Japanese bikes like the Yamaha XS650 or the SR400 but their gallery features many other motorcycle makes including Harleys. Parts in the store focus on the models just mentioned but universal items are also available.


Read on for more Cafe Racer parts…


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