Return of the Cafe Racers - Finding parts for your Cafe Racer #3

Finding parts for your Cafe Racer #3

Part 3 of my updated “Sourcing parts for your Cafe Racer” article. If you haven’t seen anything you like yet you’re obviously hard to impress. Keep reading and hopefully, some of these Cafe Racer custom parts will tickle your fancy. Read on…


VD Classics: If you followed my Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer build you will have already heard of VD Classics. I purchased the tank and seat combination I have on my W650 Cafe Racer from them some time ago. Both items have held up beautifully after the daily use I give the bike and the comments I get about the tank are endless.

VD Classics are based in Fegersheim, France and have been in the Cafe Racer/custom motorcycle scene since 1979, powered by Jean Francois Vincente.

VD Classics specialise in the customisation of Yamaha XT500, SR500, Kawasaki W650, Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, Harley Davidson Sportsters and the occasional Buell.

Their range of “small production” parts are designed to be bolt-on applications and follow Jean’s basic design rule of “keeping reference to the bikes classic aesthetics to create beautiful and most importantly functional motorcycles”.

Parts are made to fit particular models but they also have a range of universal parts to choose from. Jean was great to deal with when I made my purchase and was happy to answer any of my questions as I’m sure he will be with yours.


Moto Lanna: Moto Lanna contacted me some time ago telling me about their range of Billet Cafe Racer parts and accessories. I was at first doubtful that they would deliver on their promise of “outstanding quality” but on arriving at the site and viewing the range I was pleasantly surprised.

Their product range is designed for straight bolt on applications (new replaces old) and are designed to fit several Japanese bike models. Their parts are designed to help you transform your bike into a Cafe Racer styled motorcycle with little or no advanced motorcycle mechanical knowledge required.

Moto Lanna is big fans of the Yamaha SR400, SR500 and XS650 and as such the bulk of their catalogue is aimed at these models but you will also find a range of parts to fit Honda’s, Suzuki’s and Kawasaki’s as well as some parts that have universal applications.

The raw finish on their billet products is what makes these parts really attractive to me. Although you may opt to give them a lick of paint. Check out the Moto Lanna Website to see their catalogue.


eBay: Love it or hate it you can’t deny that eBay is an awesome source for unique, hard to find or one of a kind motorcycle parts. You may get a good bargain or end up paying more than you bargained for but the convenience and sheer range make eBay one of the best places to source parts for your Cafe Racer motorcycle online.

Since you are sure to already know how to use eBay I figured I’d share some links to my favourite seller’s stores…

Kickstarter Classics: A German seller with a great selection of Cafe Racer styled Parts and accessories.

Choppahead: British and Chopper focused eBay store with some very nice custom parts for your Triumph.

Justified Defiance: A store aimed at Chopper builders but with a lot of parts that could suit your Cafe Racer build. Huge range of parts with frequent discounts and some really cool old school items like Custom pinstriped Buco helmets.

Aaron motorcycle partsLuggage & Saddlebags, Helmets, Electrical Components, Antique, Vintage, Historic, and Engines & Components.

SpeedMoto: Specialising in 70’s and 80’s Japanese bikes. You’ll find well priced, bolt-on parts for your Cafe Racer here.

Twisted Chrome: Ready to use pinstripe kits. Great range of vinyl pinstriping kits for those who want the look but lack the skills. Add some rockabilly, low brow cool to your bike or helmet.

Retrofitted: Quality parts for Yamaha SR400 and SR500 Cafe Racers. Parts are imported from Japan from manufacturers like Psh, Daytona and Nitroheads.


and finally (for now)…

Amazon: Some may think that this mutated bookstore doesn’t have much to offer the custom motorcycle scene but Amazon’s range is still growing rapidly and as more businesses add their products you may find what you have been searching for.

Try clicking through on this Cafe Racer search to start with or search for a part by its name.

Amazon is also a very good resource for any other Cafe Racer accessories or information you may want such as books and DVDs about the history of Cafe Racers, Cafe Racer clothing, music, posters and more.


I hope you have found these Cafe Racer parts links useful. Please share any links to other Cafe Racer parts manufacturers and sellers in the comments.

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