Return of the Cafe Racers - Finding parts for your Cafe Racer #1

Finding parts for your Cafe Racer #1

Way back in 2006 I wrote a post about sourcing Cafe Racer parts online for your Cafe Racer project. Since then Cafe Racers have become exponentially more popular and as a result, there are now even more online stores offering a huge range of truly original and high-quality Cafe Racer parts. So here’s a fresh look at where to get some of the coolest Cafe Racer parts around.


Deus ex Machina: They appeared in my original post but have to get another mention because they have only gotten better (and they are Aussies!). Deus have done amazing things for the custom scene in Australia and are starting to make waves around the world. Their style is flawless and focuses mainly on Japanese motorcycles, in particular, the Yamaha Sr400 /SR 500 and Kawasaki’s W650. Cafe Racers, Flat Trackers and Bobbers all make up Deus ex Machina’s style guide but be warned prices aren’t for the faint-hearted (or shallow pocketed).

Visit the Deus store online and you’ll have access to their very own clothing label (Dues after all was started by an ex Mambo Director), motorcycle focused books, DVDs, artwork and of course a range of hard to find, high quality parts from brands like POSH, Daytona and NitroHeads (Japan).

Their parts guy (Taka) is full bottle on what’s available and is a hell of a nice guy. Pretty much any item you see on their bikes can be purchased (although you may not see them in the store) if you give them a call. Their morthership store is in Camperdown, Sydney, Australia.


Vanem: Another Australia based custom shop with a soft spot for Japanese manufactured custom parts and motorcycles is Vanem. Vanems parts list includes bolt on items for SR400/SR500, TW200, W650 and a nice selection of universal parts.

Parts are broken into categories including Lights & electrical, Instruments & gauges, chassis, handlebars & switches, brakes & suspension and engine and exhaust parts.

Most of the items they stock are from Japanese manufacturers like Daytona, Peyton Place and Nitroheads and if you have a particular item in mind they can source it for you. Check out all of Vanem’s product here at the parts pages.


Benjies Cafe Racer: If your a fan of the mighty Honda CB’s (who isn’t) Benjie has everything you need to turn your standard CB motorcycle into a badass, road ruling Cafe Racer.

Along with all your standard bolt on bits like stainless steel fork covers, headlight brackets and exhausts you’ll find an extensive range of body parts to transform your motorcycle into a classically style Cafe Racer. Tanks and seats constructed from Fibre Glass and Carbon fibre are available in a range of classic shapes as well as some full metal formed combinations.

And so as to not limit their customer base to Honda CB owners some of their parts will also bolt on to Yamaha XS650’s, Harleys and of course a good range of universal items.


Read on for more Cafe Racer parts links

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