BSA Cafe Racers

The Birmingham Small Arms Company, or BSA for short, was a British motorcycle manufacturer that operated between 1919 and 1972. In 1973  they joined Triumph and Norton as part of a government initiative to resurrect the British motorcycling industry which tragically failed in 1978. During its heyday, BSA was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Their motorcycles were sold as affordable, everyday machines that offered solid performance and reliability. Despite being designed for the 'average user' BSA developed a reputation after the second world war for racing motorcycles. They enjoyed racing success with their single cylindered Gold Stars and twin cylinder Shooting Stars that included a first to fifth place sweep at the 1954 200 mile Daytona beach races. This was the first time any motorcycle manufacturer had recorded such a win.
Return of the Cafe Racers - BSA clothing

BSA clothing

If you’re tired of looking for a bike jacket as cool as the Cafe Racer you ride, BSA (yes BSA the motorcycle manufacturer) are selling these awesome, retro styled leather jackets . Starting at 250 squid (that’s pounds to you) and up they aren’t cheap but your buying a quality product sporting…

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Return of the Cafe Racers - Berry Bad things

Berry Bad things

Berry Bads Motorcycles are yet another Japanese custom tuner/builder who’s work has caught my attention. With a gallery full of Bobbers, Brat style, Flat trackers and Cafe Racer bikes based on both Japanese and Classic British motorcycle brands they are pretty much the most diverse custom workshop I’ve come across. Where most will…

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