Pure Insanity – Darkus Madness 598 R

“My background has nothing to do with either mechanics nor handcrafting vehicles,” confesses Jordi. “When I decided to make my own motorcycle my goal was to build a pure Cafe Racer. Sporty, attractive, daring, temperamental and powerful”. His goal was clear but getting there was the challenge and it was only made harder by the … Continued

Fantastic Four – XTR Pepo Honda Hornet

Once the bike was dismantled the 600cc inline four received a complete overhaul with specific attention being paid to the intakes and carbs. During the engines rebuild Pepo had it blueprinted and media blasted clean to ensure it looked and performed as good, if not better, than new. DNA air filters, a set of 4-2-1 Super … Continued

Family Ties – Kaspeed Honda CB500

We knew that this Honda project would be a challenge for us. When we received the motorcycle it was almost completely disassembled. Our customer, who works in the Swiss banking sector, but was born in Germany, acquired the bike some time ago and had never ridden it. So many parts were missing there wasn’t even a fuel … Continued

Gear Review – Hedon Heroine Helmet

The Hedon Heroine helmet is firmly targeted at the custom and classic crowd, especially those with a taste for high-end quality or brands. With the design of the Heroine Hedon has clearly set out to challenge the dominance of Bell’s Bullitt and to fill the gap left after the demise of French “luxury” helmet brand, … Continued

Triple Shot – Bad Ass Triumph Speed Triple

The donor for the project was Jean-Francois’ own 2008 Triumph 1050 Speed Triple. Although his plan was to add bodywork to the naked streetfighter his goal was ultimately to improve the bikes performance so it would have to shed some weight. To do this he stripped the bike down to its frame, wheels, and engine and began … Continued

Century Racer – Steve Caballero Honda Racer

Skateboarding and motorcycles go hand in hand in the United States. Many pro-skaters like Caballero ride motorcycles and some, including Steve have tried their hand at customizing them. When he’s not making guest appearances at skate events or rolling around inside drained swimming pools Caballero gets his kicks racing vintage motorcycles. He actively takes part … Continued

Riding Gear – Speedway 40L Backpack

The Velomacchi 40L Roll-Top Backpack’s main compartment features a magnetic closure roll top that keeps even the harshest downpour from getting through. Velomacchi has made use of all available space when designing the 40L Speedway by even adding storage capacity to the bag’s straps. There are a quick-access ID and key pockets, a tire gauge sleeve, and a … Continued

Skin Deep – Honda CM400 Cafe Racer

Marco, a tattooist from Toulouse France well aware of the risks when buying a secondhand motorcycle. Since his teenage years he’s been unbolting and bolting bits onto the bikes he buys and has had his fair share of flawed motorcycle investments. Along with his career spent applying artwork to epidermis he and a friend rent … Continued

Black Panther – Seven Motors ZRX1100

Named ‘Gunpowder’ the 1999 Kawasaki ZRX1100 is the work of Benny Lombardo and Antonello Zonna of Seven Motors. After the owner explained to them he would be “bringing them a dinosaur that he wanted to be transformed into a powerful and sleek black panther” they took cues from their past Guzzi based builds to fulfill his rather … Continued