Since 2006 'Return of the Cafe Racers' has documented the Cafe Racer and custom motorcycle scene. With constantly growing web traffic, facebook likes (300,000+) and Twitter & Pinterest followers Return of the Cafe Racers receives over 300,000 pageviews a month. That's over 300,000 opportunities each month to sell your product!

My name is Geoff "Richie" Baldwin and I'm the owner/creator of Return of the Cafe Racers. I live and breathe the custom motorcycle scene. In a past life I worked my butt off in the world of advertising but gave it all away to focus on bikes. As well as running this site I maintain the web store, I'm one of the organisers behind the Melbourne based Oil Stained Brain exhibition, I'm the editor of Tank Moto Magazine and co-owner of Australia's first communal motorcycle workshop, the Kustom Kommune. I'm committed to providing my readers with a constant stream of fresh and exclusive content and I'm a devoted supporter of the custom motorcycle scene. Also, I don't just write about motorcycles, I have several of my own (W650, XS650, TW200) which I ride and customise every chance I get.

I currently have the following advertising opportunities available on Return of the Cafe Racers. Ads are managed by Buy Sell Ads who serve each banner in equal rotation and provide full statistics and support to all of our advertisers. You can place an advert for 30 days or 3 years, it's totally up to you. No contracts or restrictive rules!

On the site I like to stick to our two wheeled theme so I limit our advertisers to companies whose products align with this sites niche audience. Custom motorcycle parts suppliers, motorcycle manufacturers, riding gear brands, mens lifestyle products and mens fashion brands are perfect for our audience, so if you fit into any of those categories you may want to consider running an ad on Return of the Cafe Racers.

If you would like to contact me to discuss other advertising opportunities drop me an email:

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