Reversible Replica - Unikat Ducati GT750

"This motorcycle marked a new era for our workshop," says Michał Pamuła of Poland's UNIKAT Motorworks. "Not only did UNIKAT purchase and import this collector’s motorcycle to Poland for our client, but we have also served as advisor and custom builder. One of our regular customers, Rafał wanted to add a classic Ducati to his collection. Since he is a skilful rider we had two recommendations, a Ducati GT750 or the Ducati 750SS."

"Why those two bikes you ask? Well, the GT750 was the Italian's prototype of their 90-degree V-twin engine format and was the basis for the legendary race bike of Paul Smart which won the 1972 Imola 200. The second model, the Ducati 750SS was built to commemorate this remarkable race track victory. Rafał agreed and the search began.

After two weeks of tedious and thorough analysis of examples of each model from around the world, we found a near-perfect Ducati GT750 for the right price. When Rafał said: 'Yes, let's buy it!" we wasted no time carrying out the transaction and arranging transportation of the motorcycle to Poland. When the bike finally arrived and the courier unloaded it from his van we watched nervously from fear that it would be damaged, but it made the journey unscathed. Closing the Unikat workshop that night, Grzesiek probably used all of the chains and locks we had to keep the precious Ducati safe.

A story like this would usually have ended here, but Rafał wanted to take things a step. He proposed converting the motorcycle into a replica of the Ducati 750 SS, but on one condition. All modifications that were made would have to be reversible. So we could not, in any way, interfere with the frame. The task was a daunting and we wondered if it was even possible. But we love challenges and decided if anyone was to do it, it should be us!

Without hesitation, we purchased an SS replica fairing and began the precise construction of the fairing supports. Along with carrying the bodywork itself the brackets had to also allow us to mount the headlight and meters inside the cockpit. In place of the traditional handlebars, we fit chrome clip-ons by Fehling to the fork legs and purchased a shallow headlight. We then began the arduous task of adjusting the entire wiring loom and controls cables keeping in mind the strict conditions given to us by its owner, "no irreversible changes!"

Creating a Ducati SS styled seat and cowl was even more challenging. Unfortunately, aftermarket 750SS parts do not mate well with the GT750s geometry so we needed to find an alternative. Luckily, our legendary employee Leszek came up with a solution. He created a beautiful and proportionate tail from a laminate material that impersonated the 750SS style and perfectly fit the frame using existing mounting points. 

Finally, if this replica was to look original it would need to be properly painted. Grzesiek was the one to give it the final touches. The colour he created was a perfect match to the original Ducati GT750 red which was would be finished with matching black panels and white pinstripes. When everything came back from the paint shop we started putting it all together, slowly and methodically. After a few hours, all of our hard work could be appreciated. We had created a UNIKAT 750SS replica to our clients exacting brief and she was beautiful!

This was an incredible experience for which we would like to thank Rafał. Not only for the opportunity to work on a legendary Ducati GT750 but also for having confidence in the UNIKAT Motorworks team."

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