Custom Parts for you Cafe Racer #3

Here we are with the third installment of 'Custom Parts for your Cafe Racer'. As with part 1 and part 2 of this series I've pulled together a collection of Cafe Racer parts that stand out as some of the best looking and best made aftermarket parts on the market. Whether you're building a Cafe Racer or just looking to make a few design tweaks to your ride I think you'll agree that these parts will look vastly better than your motorcycles stock attire.

--- Rizoma Club L & S Indicators ---

Yes when it comes to indicators size does matter. It seems that whoever it was that had the role of designing the indicators on motorcycles through the 60's/70's and 80's was trying to compensate for something. On some bikes from this era we've seem indicators the size of softballs, but there's no need for you to run those monstrosities on your ride. Thanks to improvements in electronics and LED technology you can now run indicators on your bike that are practically invisible when not in operation.

Even better there are now indicators that can manage more than the one task of simply blinking on and off. These Club L and Club S indicators from Rizoma take multiple functionality and small stature to the next level. Measuring in at around the same size as the lid off a Sharpie they are some of the smallest and coolest looking indicators I've come across. They feature an all metal construction with a choice of two finishes (silver or satin black) and come with all the additional electronics you'll require to run LED indicators on your bike. The Club L series indicators double as additional driving lights by lighting up a bright pure white to make you more visible to other traffic while the Club S can function as both rear indicators and running/brake lights by switching between amber and red depending on current function. Now that's smart!

--- Fairings by Airtech Streamlining ---

You would have noticed the current trend in retro styled fairings. Custom builders like Lucky Cat Garage and Plan B Motorcycles have recently featured Dustbin style fairings on their drag bikes while others are looking for classic race style half and full fairings like the Honda CR750 replica I featured in the first edition of Tank Moto Magazine.

If you're looking for a place to find fairings like those then Airtech Streamlining in the United States should be your first port of call. Their range is unrivalled and includes complete bodykits, seat and tail kits, full race fairings and the associated mounting gear. They have universal fitting pieces or a huge selection of fairings designed to fit classic makes and models from the big European, US and Japanese manufacturers. All pieces are supplied ready to paint so all you need to do get it painted to compliment your build. Get that classic race bike look or replace your ride's rear end with something much more sportier with an Airtech kit.

--- Tarozzi rear set foot pegs ---

You've got the clip-on bars and a new lower profile seat, but now your knees knock against the sides of your helmet... it's time to invest in some rear set footpegs!

There's quite a few universal rear set options available. Some offer bolt on ease while others require some fabrication to mount them up. These Tarozzi rear sets are of the latter kind. At around €120 they are also incredibly well priced compared to some of the $400+ universal alloy versions available. The quality of the Tarozzi rear sets also happens to be top notch and each set consists a mix of cast and machined pieces with quality fixings. You can choose from a knurled alloy finish or to have rubber grips and as foldable or non-foldable. You will of course be spending a bit more time installing them, but it'll be well worth the effort.

--- Daytona Velona Speedo ---

Daytona have been producing high performance parts and accessories since 1972. In Japan they're one of the biggest manufacturers of aftermarket parts, offering everything from general servicing consumables to custom modification components. The Daytona Velona series of electronic gauges are one of the latest additions to their extensive catalogue and some of the best priced and quality instruments available.

The Velona gauges sport modern classic good looks and come in either chrome or satin black finishes. The gauges are also available with a range of top speed readings and come in both mph and kmh readings. For older bikes you can also purchase an additional pulse sensor to take a speed reading from bolts on your front or rear wheel hub. At only 40mm deep they can be mounted down low on your top clamp to help keep your front end looking super clean and they come with full installation and calibration instructions for a range of different motorcycle makes and models.

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