Custom Parts for your Cafe Racer #2

Here's the next instalment of "Custom Parts for your Cafe Racer" a series designed to help you find the very best parts or hard to find bits for your Cafe Racer. Covering everything from indicators to wiring components I'm pulling together all my favourite parts from around the globe to help you build the best Cafe Racer possible.

--- X-Arc turn signals ---

If there's one thing I hate it's the big goofy indicators they strap on to motorcycles these days. Surely with all the high output LED technology out there someone has to of made some low profile, super bright blinkers! Well it just so happens someone has. X-Arc turn signals are the one of the best custom lighting solutions I've seen so far. Their small design, top quality construction and super bright performance will put your bikes factory indicators to shame. These little beauties come in 3 different finishes of black, satin finish or chrome and can screw onto existing threads on your frame or bodywork.

"Every company making signals says theirs are the smallest and the brightest. In our business, we do all our own CNC machining in-house, we also do all our own electronics design and we are electronics guys so we know a bit about that. There is a lot of work “behind the scenes” on the X-Arc that make them so bright – there is a microprocessor inside running the whole show, there is a temperature sensor and highly efficient voltage converter to run the LEDs, and the LED’s themselves are on a specially designed circuit board that channels the heat into the aluminum housing – which is why we can run such high power LED’s without them burning out."

--- Cooper Smithing Co. Handmade Fenders ---

If you're not content with hacking your stock fenders down or your simply looking for a super clean finish then Coopers Smithing Co.'s hand made fenders could be just the ticket for your build. Each fender is handmade in the USA and comes in either 6 inch or 5.25 inch sizes to suit 16 inch and 18 inch wheels. Fenders are 33" long, but cam be made to order.

"It took years of process development and hundreds of pieces of scrap to discover how these fenders could be hand-built at competitive production rates. Made from a single sheet of steel for durability and strength, the result is intended to be the finest fender on the market. The process leaves a flawless surface finish with an exact fit that can go straight to paint or polish with no fillers or additional bodywork. No magic - just a lot of sweat and patience until they come out right."

--- MotoGadget M-Unit ---

MotoGadget have quickly become the big name in custom motorcycle electronics thanks to this little puppy. If you're looking at rewiring your bike the Motogadget M-Unit  could make the whole job a lot simpler for you. The M-Unit allows you to replace your bikes accessories wiring circuits with a simple plug-n-play style install. With built in circuit breakers it removes the need for a standard fuse box and helps reduce electronic components down to the bare minimum.

To go a step further you can also add a plethora of other M series components such as switches, indicators and gauges all designed to plug straight into your M-Unit. What could be simpler?

--- Rizoma bar-end mirrors ---

Another essential item for slimming down your Cafe Racer is a set of bar end mirrors. Italian parts manufacturer Rizoma sell some of the slickest bolt on parts you'll find and their range of bar end mirrors ensures there's something for every taste. These mirrors look particuarly good on modern bikes with sharper lines. Each set is precision CNC milled and come in a range of different finishes. Go for the classic Napoleon style or their super low profile Spy series. They aren't cheap, but you're getting what you pay for with these beauties.

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