Parts for your Cafe Racer project

One of the most difficult aspects of building a Cafe Racer or custom motorcycle can be sourcing cool custom parts. You can spend hours if not days trawling the internet to find a part that satisfies your own unique aesthetic. Some time ago I ran a series of features about 'finding parts for your Cafe Racer' that pointed out some great websites where you could source parts, but I figured it was time to take it to the next level. In this new series I will be featuring specific parts produced by workshops around the world that are a cut above the rest. From handlebars to footpegs, headlights to batteries, here's a look at some of best custom parts around...
Bedlamwerks Alloy Tail End Kits

Wanna ditch that plastic junk on the back of your bike? Check out these awesome tail end kits from Bedlamwerks. These top quality, aluminium tail ends are available as bolt on parts for Honda CB750's, CB550's and BMW R100's or as universal parts for custom fitting. Constructed in the USA out of .090" high grade aluminium there's five styles to choose from (Boss Fastback <pictured>, Bullitt Fastback, Rocket Fastback, Ace Cafe Racer and Shorty Dome) and you can add a custom seat in vinyl or leather, black or brown and in a variety of upholstery styles.


Crowe Metal Co. Tail Light (style 2)

James Crowe of 'Crowe Metal Co.' is an inspiration and his handmade parts are worth every cent he asks for them. James recently launch his West America line of apparel and camping accessories to compliment his passion for the great outdoors, but it's his taillights that really push my buttons. Available in 2 styles (Style 1 pictured above, style 2 below), each light features a hand spun body, a ruby red 2 1/8 inch glass lens, a cluster of bright, 2 stage LEDs and comes in bare metal ready for painting. James also sells a variety of mounting brackets to meet your individual needs.

Cognito Moto LED Frame Loops

One of the most common custom modifications to motorcycles is to chop the rear end of the frame off to tighten thing up and make way for a new seat. Cognito Moto has commissioned Cliff Meyer of Meyer Built Metalworks to make these awesome LED integrated weld on tail loops. This clever custom part kills 2 birds with one stone and saves you loads of fabrication work by incorporating a 7 inch running/stop light with 1 inch integrated turn signals. Available in 1 inch or 7/8th steel tubing and with amber or red turn signals, it may not be the cheapest option, but it will certainly be the easiest and cleanest.

Low Brow Customs Handlebar Grips

One of the easiest modifications you can make to your motorcycle is to swap those boring factory grips with something that suits your personal style. Low Brow Customs have been producing their own range of grips for a while now and they just keep getting better. You can choose from fish scales, GT Grips or their Cole Foster collaboration grips in a wide range of colours and in both 1 inch and 7/8th sizes.

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