Building a Kommune

You may have noticed the regularity of my posts has dropped off a bit these past couple of weeks. I have been flat out setting up a new community project in Melbourne called the Kustom Kommune. The Kommune is a communal workshop we are setting up for Melbourne motorcyclists to utilise when they don't have a space or the tools to maintain or customise their own bike. The project was funded through donations we received via a crowd funding campaign and we are now fitting out the venue. I've spent every day assisting with the building of the workshop and communal hang out/cafe space and it's been hard work but we are getting there. I will do my best to return to more regular posts as soon as I can, in the meantime take a look at the Kustom Kommune website, facebook page or Instagram feed account to watch the project unfold, once it's up and running you can expect to see plenty of cool bikes from the Kommune popping up on these pages fairly regularly.

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