Yamaha Frankenstein Cafe Racer

When Frankenstein created his monster it was labeled an abomination. In reality though what he had made was a man better than most. He was stronger, bigger and much more resilient than the average Joe but thanks to the good doctors skills with a needle and thread, he was ugly as sin. Our latest build from Theo in the Netherlands takes the same principle of combining "expired" parts to create a better bike but unlike Frankie, Theo has a great eye for design.

Theo's Frankenstein bike is made up of a ‘96 Yamaha TRX frame, the engine from a later model Yamaha TDM, the rear swingarm and wheel from a Yamaha YZF750 and a set of rear shocks from a Kawasaki ZX6R modified to fit. The tank is the original TRX unit but its seat was made using 3 fiberglass pieces cast off a model Theo built from scratch.  Designed to match the lines of the tank the seat also works as a battery/electrics box keeping everything out of sight and waterproof.

The rebuilt engine is a 900cc Yamaha TDM with a realigned output shaft for matching the chain and sprockets correctly with the YZF rear hub. An 850 TDM head allows the use of the 850 carbs and made mounting the engine easier as it uses the same front mounts as the TRX. The bottom end was also converted to use an 850 dry-sump oil tank slightly modified to fit the 900 cases.

"The bike handles very well and everything works like it should. The 900 engine is newer than the TRX and is a big improvement over the original 850 lump. The 6 speed gear box provides lighter gearshifts, it has a better clutch and loads more low down torque. There's no oil consumption due to the Nikasil cylinders and it is faster and much lighter than the TRX or the TDM ever were."

Other custom one-off items on the bike include the carbon fibre exhaust mounts and carburettor housing, aluminium front sprocket cover and a long list of mounting brackets and linkages. The mustard yellow and white custom paint scheme is unorthodox just like the rest of the bike, but you won't be hearing any screams from the people it encounters, it's more likely to be camera clicks and curious questions.

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