Dirt Quake 2 Power Sliding

Just like eating hard shelled tacos, belching a national anthem or finding a G-spot there's a lot of skill required to master power sliding. On Saturday the 8th of June Sideburn magazine is challenging you to prove you have what it takes to be a champion of the skids at Dirt Quake 2. This year the crazy folks from El Solitario will be joining in the action and have put together a quick vid to get you started (after the jump). So if you're anywhere near Norfolk Arena (UK) get your inappropriate road bike, Tracker or f**k yeah Chopper out on the dirt and have yourself some fun!

'They say you're not a man till you learn to power slide, but, as most rad things in life, its easier said than done...Support the adventure of our passionate gringo bros that work their assess off to put on the craziest contingent ever spotted on a Dirt Track. A gest of hilarious proportions.
Long live to the Sideburn [email protected]#$%."

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