El Solitario Motorcycles for sale

If you're on the lookout for a custom motorcycle and want a bike that's really going to stand out from the crowd then look no further. Arguably the most original custom moto builders in Europe at the moment, Spanish workshop El Solitario are selling their beloved "La Sal del Diablo" (The Salt Devil) '73 Triumph T120R and their 3 Honda CG125 80's inspired POP Cycles. Read on for a breakdown of each build and some awesome imagery.

La Sal del Diablo (The Salt Devil) '73 Triumph (scroll down... for details)

They broke the mould with this one! The donor bike was a matching numbers T120R that underwent a full ground up engine rebuild. Performance upgrades come in the form of a QPD open belt drive, a twin Amal mono block, Boyer ignition, custom exhaust pipes and a fresh set of electrics. A hardtail frame holds the 19 inch Borrani rim at the rear which has been wrapped in Avon Distanzia rubber. It's 21 inch Borrani brother sits in the front end beneath a set of Triumph TT triple trees and Webco short inverted bars. The peanut tank and rear fender are both Wassell units and that outrageous (yet strangely attractive) front fairing is a one off custom. The paintwork was completed by the truly talented Nicolai Sclater of Ornamental Conifer and features several salt racing inspired quotes such as "Chase the line", "Pull your finger out" and "oh fuck!!". You can also read more about the La Sel del Diablo in the feature article on Bikeexif.

POP Cycles Honda CG125 x3  (scroll down... for details)

80s inspired House of Kolor neon paint scheme, need I say more? These three cheeky little bikes will not suited to anyone without a good sense of humour. Aside from sporting patterns and colours that would be the envy of Cyndi Lauper, each of the three POP Cycles have undergone matching modifications. Starting again with performance the bikes have had their air box eliminated and replaced with hi-flowing Uni filters. The custom exhaust systems feature a stainless pipe and silencer and the all new wiring has been hidden out of sight. BMX styling was a huge influence on these bikes and as such they feature spattering of BMX parts including handlebars, NOS grips and pegs. Stainless nuts and bolts, new hoses, LED lighting, peanut tanks and custom cowhide seats are amongst the other mods made to each bike and although they are very similar in build each one is a unique work of retro art.

If you're really keen on getting your hands on one of these bikes the guys will ship it to whatever far reaching corner of the planet you reside in. Check our the El Solitario MC site for details.

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