Gyronaut X1 World's Fastest Motorcycle

On the back of the 2012 Speed Week here's a great story about one of the salts superstars, the Gyronaut X-1. Running twin Triumph Bonneville motors fit with 820cc kits and all the best performance gear of the time, the Gyronaut earned the title of World's Fatest Motorcycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The record was won in 1966 with an averaged speed of 245.667mph (395kph) which remained unbroken for 4 years. In 1970 the record fell and it was during the teams attempts to reclaim the title that tragedy struck and a 270mph crash ended the Gyronuat's time on the salt. Take a look at the video after the jump for more about the Gyronuat's history and its current restoration...

"Relive the history of the Gyronaut X-1 land speed record setting motorcycle, With Bob Leppan as driver, and legendary automobile designer Alex Tremulis (Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg, Tucker, Subaru, among others) as its stylist, the super-streamlined Gyronaut X-1 held the unlimited land speed record for motorcycles from 1966-1970 of more than 245 MPH. Now in the hands of Steve Tremulis, Alex' nephew, this influential icon of Bonneville Salt Flats speed history is set to be fully restored to its former beauty and capability."

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