Drake's Passage Red Bull web series

While "Professional Motorcycle Dude", Drake McElroy is travelling around the world as a judge for the Red Bull X fighters he is simultaneously producing a series titled "Drakes Passage". Now up to it's ninth episode Drake has already visited Mexico, Egypt, Spain, Russia and London and has been having a helluva time.

"Drake's Passage is a new travel series every Thursday morning at 10 AM P. Drake McElroy, a professional motocross rider and all-around curious guy, takes you on a wild new adventure to some of the most iconic cities in the world."

Drakes outgoing personality and happy go lucky attitude are what really makes this series a fun watch. There's plenty of two wheeled action and unscripted hijinx so get comfortable and enjoy episode 1 - 9 below. You can then subscribe to the Drake's passage Youtube channel to get all future episodes as they are released...and seeing as he's in London I'm pretty sure episode 10 will feature a visit to the Ace Cafe (if not I'm unsubscribing).

Episode 1: In this premiere episode, Drake partakes in mezcal alcohol tasting, joins a mariachi band in Plaza Garibaldi, forces down pulque (more alcohol) at a pulqueria, gets a religious cleansing and tries some sketchy street tacos.

Episode 2: In the second episode, Drake meets up with some of Mexico's top young riders and challenges them to a small enduro competition on their own soil. Later, Drake decides to step into the ring to experience one of Mexico's most well known traditions in this week's episode of Drake's Passage.

Episode 3: After 27 hours of travel, FMX rider Drake McElroy goes inside the great Pyramids of Giza with fellow rider Robbie Maddison. He then gets some much needed air as he tries to use his dirt bike skills on a rogue camel. After the Pyramids, Drake cruises the Nile and learns to play the oud. He also tries his bartering skills at the historic Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. Itching to see Cairo on two wheels, Drake takes a tour of the city on a motorcycle and finishes the day at the El Fishawy coffee house.

Episode 4: In this week's episode, Drake shows off his creative side and learns about one of Egypt's oldest traditions. Later, Drake makes a memorable visit to one of Cairo's most historic and chilling landmarks, the City of the Dead, before experiencing some of Egypt's traditional cuisine.

Episode 5: Right off the plane in Madrid, Drake loads up for a massive water fight with more than 10,000 people. After drying off, he enjoys dinner and a traditional flamenco performance. He then gets back in his element with some vintage low-rider bicycles and cruises around town. Finally, Drake gets his mind blown when checks out arguably the biggest collection of Spanish motorcycles around, more than 400 bikes.

Episode 6: In this week's episode, Drake continues to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle. After learning about one of the country's most popular delicacies and honing his knife skills at one of the world's oldest restaurants, Drake experiences Madrid's nightlife at a funky rock and roll club. He then takes a motorcycle ride through the Spanish countryside, soaking up the country's history and putting the perfect end to an amazing trip.

Episode  7: Drake arrives in Moscow and heads straight to the historic Sandunovsky baths to recover from his travels before heading to an underground club to watch a notable psychedelic band and chat with them after the show. It's then off to the Moscow River for a day of wakesurfing with a top Russian DJ and a trip to the radio station for an interview. Finally, Drake gets a taste of the Cold War, going 18 floors below the street as he explores an underground Soviet bunker.

Episode  8: Continuing on his Russian adventure, Drake experiences the underground street racing scene in the heart of Moscow in a tricked-out Audi. Then he explores Sexton - a crazy post-apocalyptic biker bar/nightclub reminiscent of Mad Max, and meets up with the editor of the iconic, provocative website "The eXile" and talks about life in Russia as an American expat. Drake also performs his day job, judging the Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Red Square, where he meets NFL star Reggie Bush who's visiting Moscow as well.

Episode 9: In this week's episode, Drake visits London where he meets up with "Super Ted" James, one of the most innovative custom fixed bike builders around, before heading to judge the Red Bull X-Fighters event that night. The next morning, he takes a train ride north to visit darts legend Bobby George, aka "Bobby Dazzler," at his home pub, where he discusses life and gets some pointers on his darts game. It's an experience he'll never forget.


I think I need to get myself a job at RedBull! 
You can follow Drake's exploits via his facebook page or on the Drakes Passage Youtube channel.

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