The Winning Loser Yamaha SR 250

Winning Loser Yamaha SR 250

The Winning Loser. Saved from a scrapyard and transformed in to a piece of custom motorcycle art, this Yamaha SR 250 was built by custom workshop El Solitario MC as their entry in to Metamorfosismasiva, a competition run by Club 09 Cafe Racer in Madrid, Spain.

4 bulloni Moto Guzzi Cafe Racers

4 bulloni Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer
"Officina 4 bulloni"

Confederate motorcycles raise the black flag

Confederate motorcycles black flag

It's hard to believe that a company like Confederate motorcycles would produce a "special edition" of any of their motorcycles as they all look pretty darn special to begin with...but I guess they thought their P120 fighter could do with a tad more BLACK.

Pier 18 - Jack Pine video

Hammerhead Industries Jack Pine

A while back I posted a preview of Pier 18, a video that was in production featuring Hammerhead Industries much loved Triumph T100 Scrambler the "Jack Pine", and now I'm very happy to now present the full video for your viewing pleasure.

Cafe Racer TV to Air in Australia

Season one of Cafe Racer TV is coming to Australia. The series that every Cafe Racer enthusiast should see will be airing on Foxtel's Discovery Turbo Max channel on Feburary 7th 2011 at 9pm. "The history and development of the cafe racer motorcycle is explored. Former street racers from England and custom motorcycle builders are interviewed.". The hugely successful series was a hit in the states where they have now started filming season two.

Watch the guys from Ace Motorcycles, Dime City Cycles, Doc Chops, J&B motor company, Loaded Gun Customs, Lossa Engineering, Santiago Choppers, Garage company and many more building Cafe Racers, learn about the history of Cafe Racers and meet the guys who ride the bikes.

Also visit our good friends at Dime City Cycles to see the range of Cafe Racer TV gear they have in their store. Dime City Cycles stock one of the most comprehensive collections of high quality and affordable Cafe Racer parts available online and to support the release of Cafe Racer TV down under they have set up preparations to keep freight costs and delivery times as low as possible on all Australian orders. Check out their store at

Kawasaki W800 redux

Kawasaki W800

After being less than impressed by the official promotional video for the 2011 Kawasaki W800 I took it upon myself to give the video a bit of a face lift.

Here's the original. It's too long, lacks impact, has a totally shit soundtrack and is a struggle to get through:

Here's the updated version. It's not timed or edited perfectly (i made it quick in iMovie)...but I think its a pretty solid improvement.

Supercharged Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Supercharged Honda CB750

Supercharged and Nitrous Oxide aren't words you often hear muttered by builders of Cafe Racers when they are running off a list of modifications they have made to a motorcycle, but Carpy owner of CB750 Cafe, isn't your average type of guy.

Long and low - Bodyline Customs

Custom motorcycles straight out of the seventies by Bodyline Customs. Long, Low and full of style.

More on Flickr

So God created woman...

and sat her down on a Triumph Daytona 675.

Bosozoku Japanese Biker Gangs Documentary

Bosozoku which translates to "Violent Running Tribe" is the name given to lawless groups of Japanese youths that terrorize the streets of Japan. Bosozoku ride illegally modified motorcycles which commonly feature elements reminiscent of American Choppers and British Cafe Racers. Large, over-sized fairings and Ape style handle bars, over the top paint schemes and gang style motifs, stickers, flags and excessively noisy exhausts all come together to create their unique look.

Cafe GSX 1100 Racer

GSXR 1100 Cafe Racer

The engineers at Suzuki would never have envisaged this when they rolled this GSXR 1100 out of their factory. Custom Wolf, a German custom bike builder has transformed the bike in to a true 21st century salute to Cafe Racers.

Ducati 450 Sharman

Ducati Cafe Racer

Custom motorcycles like this 1972 Ducati 450 based "21st Century Cafe Racer" named the Sharman, always stir up varied opinions in the motorcycle enthusiast world...which is exactly why I love it.

Unique motorcycles

Some weird and wonderful motorcycles that were decades ahead of their time and still leave a lasting impression today.

Megola motorcycles: 1923 five cylinder rotary engined motorcycle. One of the most unique engine set ups ever made. The rotary design was very similar to airplane engines of the time. Handling was supposedly excellent but the 14bhp it produced certainly wasn't.

Majestic Motorcycles: Stunning design which is reminiscent of speed trial bikes found on Bonneville salt flats.

1936 BMW Schneekrad: For all of those who live in countries with snow filled winters. This bad boy looks better than any modern snowmobile.

Henderson custom: One of the most talked about motorcycles on Bikeexif in 2010. The Hendersons steam punk, art deco look is stunning to say the least.

Killinger and Freund: It's hard to find any more images of this motorcycle online as it's so rare. Like the Megola featured above its engine is mounted in the front wheel. This time though its 600cc and the styling is obviously art deco influenced.

American Cafe DVD out now

"American Cafe" tells the story of the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang and two motorcyclists attempting to build Cafe Racers to ride in the SCMG Cafe Racer Run; one of the most well known, yet least understood, cafe racer events in the country.

You can read more about the American Cafe DVD and the Slimey Crud Gang on my previous post.