Fuel Tank TV Modern Motorcycle Company

Our good friends at Fuel Tank TV have just released their last film for 2011. The film is based on Modern Motorcycles, a Melbourne workshop run by mechanic and custom builder Christian Condo. Christian is a man of few words but the custom motorcycles he builds speak for themselves. If you're in Collingwood be sure to drop by the Compound Interest where he shares space with designers and artists. You can check out his workshop/showroom where he displays parts in a similar fashion to a jewellery store. You'll be hard pressed walking out of there without a part under your arm or a plan to return once you've done some measurements.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to this shoot and even assisted with a couple of on the road shots filmed from the tank of my W650 Cafe Racer.  They didn't make this edit but we hope to get some exclusive footage for you in 2012.

This film is yet another testament to the skill of the Fuel Tank TV guys and a great taste of what lies ahead. With their first annual Fuel Tank TV DVD scheduled for release early in 2012 we can't wait to watch it in all it's HD glory.

Check out Modern Motorcycles Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer and be sure to bookmark the Fuel Tank TV site for more great video in 2012. You can also read more about Modern Motorcycles in the first issue of "Head Full of Snakes" magazine which is available here.

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