Drake McElroy Cafe Racer TV

A few months back we posted about Drake McElroy's custom Honda CR250 pictured above. Drake is building a great reputation for taking old off mx bikes and converting them in to bad ass street racers. His involvement with the Red Bull team has landed him a world tour which has also led to the development of a TV series about his global adventures (see below).

Cafe Racer TV is also geared to feature Drake as a custom builder in upcoming 2012 season. Drake will be building his own style of Cafe Racer for the episode is sure to follow his MX come Cafe Racer recipe. These photos are taken from the set and show a glimpse of Drakes personal garage where apparently the only thing that outnumbers the motorcycles are the post it notes covered in sketches, thoughts and reminders.

The new series titled "Drake's Passage" (ooo-errr) looks to a bit of fun too. His happy go lucky, ready for anything attitude is sure to make for some 'interesting' adventures along with a healthy mix of his Red Bull performances.

"Drake's Passage is a new travel series coming to FUEL TV every Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT, starting on August 15. Drake McElroy, a professional motocross rider and all-around curious guy, takes you on a wild new adventure to some of the most iconic cities in the world."

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