Cafe Racer Dreams OSSA

Care Racer Dreams have completed another custom motorcycle build adding to their already admirable lineup. The latest bike however isn't based on a Japanese made motorcycle like many of their other builds, but a bike whose roots lie much closer to their Spanish homeland. The bike is titled CRD #7 "Grand Prix" and it's based on a 1979 Ossa Cup 250.

The Grand Prix is powered by the two stroke, 250cc single cylinder engine that earnt Ossa a place in Trails history and catapulted them in to international racing in the late 1960's. Cafe Racer Dreams have taken this solid base and turned it in to an entirely different kind of bike.

The 3 month build included major modifications done to the motorcycles frame improving rigidity, the carb was upgraded to a Mikuni 38 with a free flowing competition filter, a complete motor overhaul and brand new bodywork. In these photos you can clearly see that the Grand Prix is still getting it's finishing touches so we will be sure to post images of the final result when they become available. In the mean time check out the video below to hear the sweet little two stroke get kicked in to life.

  • Complete motor restoration
  • Q2 electronic 12v  ignition and simplified wiring
  • MIKUNI 38 carbs
  • Air Filter sponge competition
  • Exhaust Crafts &  Phantom
  • Ossa modified frame by CRD
  • Classic Crono Motogadget speedometer
  • Rearsets competition (game) aluminum + forwarding
  • CRD seat pan and rear cowl
  • Tank Racing Replica
  • Fenders by CRD
  • Battery under the rear seat, ignition key inserted in subframe

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