Matt and his Machines

If you're ever driving through the New South Wales countryside enjoying the serenity and you're passed by a roaring beast chances are it's Matt Machine on his Guzzi Cafe Racer.

Matt's an Architect by trade whose passion lies in building things with his hands, such as custom motorcycles. This Machine Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer is just one of the stunning creations to roll out of his workshop nestled in the picturesque NWS countryside. Attached to no particular style and not limited by an allegiance to any brand he produces some of the best looking custom motorcycles in Australia.

The new video below is a glimpse in to the world of Matt. This video echoes Henrick Hansen's production about Shinya Kimura but adds some unmistakable true blue Aussie touches.

He certainly has access to some great roads for testing his builds on!

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