Children of Decadence Cafe Racer Moped

While many of us are hunting for more horsepower there are some whose need for speed is satisfied by only 50cc. 

Parisian Moped crew the Children of Decadence take pride in their tiny, two wheeled transport and have been building some very tidy custom rides. This 1974 Peugeot TSA named Tempest is an interesting take on Cafe Racer styling.

After purchasing the Peugeot TSA from a classifieds ad work started on getting the bike running smoothly. Unfortunately what was initially a lack of power turned out to be a string of mechanical issues. 6 months later and with an extensive list of engine component overhauls the bike was finally running to everyone's satisfaction. Attention was then turned to the bikes aesthetic appearance.

The bodywork was stripped from the bike and the hard task of deciding on a design direction began. The tight dimensions and almost feather-bed like curves of the frame gave the moped a vintage race feel and so a Cafe Racer theme was chosen. A fibre-glass Cafe style saddle was fitted and and it worked just right.

Although the Moped looks about as bare bones as you could get it, over 40 hours of work went in to getting the look right. Along the way a few pleasant surprises were also uncovered in the form of Paioli forks, some very nice brass components that were hidden beneath the paint and a Suzuki hub.

The full list of modifications on Tempest include:

  • Powder coating for the frame and the swingarm. 
  • Gas tank resurfacing, black line painted on the top, matt varnish. 
  • Cleaning and varnishing of all controls pieces. 
  • Fork renovation and paint job. 
  • Adding of a cafe racer saddle and mount making of STIs. 
  • Rims and spokes paint job. 
  • Simplification of the electrical wiring and integration in a hand-made steel compartment. 
  • Ninja F50 exhaust add. Engine paint job. 
  • Descaling Engine, cylinder head and piston polishing.

 The next project? "It'll be decadent"

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