We Are Winning - Twinline Motorcycles

Watch this video and tell me your not excited about your next custom build. This is the first, full length episode of a new series by Todd Blubaugh called "We R Winning". 

Ian Halcott and his buddies (who also happen to be his staff) introduce us to their custom shop Twinline Motorcycles. Built from the ground up by guys whose passion for motorcycles is limitless. Their respect for one another has helped to create a place where they can solve motorcycle problems and build beautiful custom bikes.

It's a great story of human achievement, friendship and custom motorcycle building. If this is the first in the series we can't wait to see what the other episodes will be like.

The simplest purpose of a motorcycle is to propel man to new destinations. We R Winning is a definitive series that explores the literal and figurative places motorcycles have helped people discover. Each episode profiles different characters as motorcycles inspire their journey outside of society’s norms and into their life’s passion. WRW is not about the trophy at the finish line, it’s the unique personalities who risk everything just to ride in the race. These subjects have left their mark through their passionate efforts to push the envelope and through that process, style and attitude have set unique trends and enterprises.
Motorcycles have always been a symbol of freedom and rebellion. But it’s not the sleek presentation or even the bikes themselves that make We R Winning stand out; it’s the penetrating stories told firsthand by the subjects who created them. Every episode dives below the surface into the history, lifestyle, disasters and achievements, of individuals who have decided not to compromise their passions for the sake of comfort. In doing so they have created a culture and lifestyle that will influence future generations to look into themselves and know that ‘We R Winning.’

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