Kickstart the Bulletproof Badger

Badgers, believe it or not are some of the world's toughest animals. They're cranky, fearless, stubborn and laugh in the face of adversity. Knowing this you have to think that a custom motorcycle that wears the Badger name ain't gonna be a weekend cruiser.

The Badger Project is a documentary project currently looking for funding on the creative funding website Kickstart. The documentary plans to follow a group of seasoned builders and enthusiasts as they transform a 500cc Royal Enfield in to a street legal/vintage race legal, Cafe Racer styled power house. Using a limited budget, a notoriously temperamental motorcycle and a whole heap of dedication the guys plan to get the Badger completed to be ridden in North Americas largest vintage racing event. The documentary will follow the build of the badger through to riding it down to the race, racing in the event and (hopefully) riding it back home again.

The whole thing sounds like a barrel of fun and the pilot/trailer they have pulled together looks the business. If you've got a few spare dollars (donations start at $1) and you'd like to see the project get off the ground you can send in a donation here.

"What happens when the Island of Misfit Toys, meets Biker Build Off, and goes racing? Can a rag tag confederation of enthusiasts build a great street legal, race bike? With a limited budget and meager resources? Rather, make the attempt by applying American ingenuity, elbow grease, and enthusiasm to a humble, antiquated, British designed, Indian made workhorse? We don’t know either. We want to make a film that documents the journey and story of “The Badger”"
"The film features: Leon Stanley, who runs a great vintage and specialty bike shop in Trenton, New Jersey, called Cycle Icons. "Chumma" Janardhan of Ace Engineering, an engine building virtuoso. Art Director and jack of all trades Mark Rounds. And world renowned Motorcyclist Michael "Tex" Mawby"
"Can we build a Royal Enfield (a notoriously uncooperative and fragile vintage bike) that is street legal and registered, yet can go like hell on the track? Can it be made to hold together? Can we do it on a very limited budget and race competitively against well-funded and better pedigreed teams? Can we raise the game even higher? Forgo trailering the bike to and from the track, and ride the damn thing? Truly conjure the spirit of Post-War British motorcycling and club racing?" 

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