Unique motorcycles

Some weird and wonderful motorcycles that were decades ahead of their time and still leave a lasting impression today.

Megola motorcycles: 1923 five cylinder rotary engined motorcycle. One of the most unique engine set ups ever made. The rotary design was very similar to airplane engines of the time. Handling was supposedly excellent but the 14bhp it produced certainly wasn't.

Majestic Motorcycles: Stunning design which is reminiscent of speed trial bikes found on Bonneville salt flats.

1936 BMW Schneekrad: For all of those who live in countries with snow filled winters. This bad boy looks better than any modern snowmobile.

Henderson custom: One of the most talked about motorcycles on Bikeexif in 2010. The Hendersons steam punk, art deco look is stunning to say the least.

Killinger and Freund: It's hard to find any more images of this motorcycle online as it's so rare. Like the Megola featured above its engine is mounted in the front wheel. This time though its 600cc and the styling is obviously art deco influenced.

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