Bosozoku Japanese Biker Gangs Documentary

Bosozoku which translates to "Violent Running Tribe" is the name given to lawless groups of Japanese youths that terrorize the streets of Japan. Bosozoku ride illegally modified motorcycles which commonly feature elements reminiscent of American Choppers and British Cafe Racers. Large, over-sized fairings and Ape style handle bars, over the top paint schemes and gang style motifs, stickers, flags and excessively noisy exhausts all come together to create their unique look.

Their late night motorcycle antics have them labeled as a nuisance but this Japanese sub culture represents much more than the loud open exhausts of their motorcycles and their I don't give a SH*T attitudes. Bosozuko Biker Gangs are made up of youths who are almost always under the legal adult age of 20, their anti establishment attitudes and lack of respect for the law is a bi-product of a regimented education system and deeply traditional ways.

Film maker Jamie Morris from Los Angeles delved in to the world of the Bosozoku with a camera and microphone and captured their world. Following a member of the Narushino SPECTER gang which has members in the tens of thousands and rules the streets of Tokyo, Jamie documented Hazuki's rise to the top of the gang to become it's legendary leader.

The documentary titled "SAYONARA SPEED TRIBES" is now in it's final stages of production and is listed on where Jamie hopes to raise the funds required to finish the production. The trailer reveals some of the awesome footage Jamie has captured on the streets of Japan with the Bosozoku riders and gives an insight in to the story and it's main character, Hazuki.

If you like what you see you can make a donation to help Jamie get the film finished. A donation of only $35 will get you a limited edition first release DVD, which is about the equivalent of what you'd pay for a DVD in the shop these days! So if you're keen to see the movie finished click here to make a donation.

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