Tron Ducati Legacy - Sport 1000 Biposto

After watching the new Tron Legacy movie (which I have to admit was a bit of fun) I was surprised to see how much screen time the Ducati motorcycles in the film were given. With what must have been a deal set up between the film's producers and Ducati, the Italian manufacturer's logo or one of their motorcycles appeared on screen for the majority of the scenes taking place outside of the digital world of Tron.

What surprised me, even more, was that the Ducati Sport 1000 Biposto ridden by the film's protagonist, Sam Flynn played by actor Garrett Hedlund, had been discontinued from production prior to the film's release.

The Ducati Sport 1000 Biposto was a 992cc L-twin with a design that was influenced by the Ducati 750 Sport of the 1970s and styling reminiscent of a 1950s café racer. Produced between 2007 and 2010 the Sport 1000 Biposto was one of the models available in the now defunct Ducati Sports Classic range. Along with this bike the Sports Classic range included the limited edition Paul Smart 1000LE, the half-faired Sport 1000S and the GT 1000.

I can't help but feel that the Tron Legacy film, released the same year the Sports Classic range ceased production, was a wasted opportunity to boost sales of these bikes. With no other models in the Ducati line up offering the same café racer styling, fans of the bike that appeared in the film, an all black Ducati Sport 1000 Biposto, will have to settle for a secondhand purchase.

For those interested in recreating a Ducati identical to Sam's Sport 1000 there are a few basic modifications required. The modifications include the removal of the indicators, although I'd recommend swapping them for something more discreet such as a set of the tiny Motorgadget M-Blaze pins. The rear end has received a tail tidy kit that replaces the unsightly rear fender and light cluster with an LED light strip such as those available from Corse Dynamics. The wheels are wrapped in ContiRace Attack Rain rubber, presumably because every road in the movie was hosed down prior to shooting and the gas cylinders for the rear shocks have been painted black.

Those with a keen eye will also note that the bike's appearance changes later in the film when Sam returns to the real world with his "isomorphic algorithm" girlfriend, Quora (Olivia Wilde). In the movies final scene (spoiler alert) we see the pair both get onto the Ducati and ride out through the streets of Vancouver. The 'Biposto' part of the Sport 1000 refers to the rear cowl which can be easily removed to reveal the rear half of the seat allowing a pillion passenger to jump onboard which was the case during this scene.

As for Ducati Sport 1000 pricing, the sooner you make a purchase the better. With only 3 short years of production and the explosion of the café racer scene, these bikes are quickly increasing in value. You can now expect to pay the same or even more than these bikes cost new which could make them a wise investment for a collector or an eager Tron Legacy fan.

"Not another Ducati product shot!"

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