Tron Ducati Legacy

After recently watching the new Tron Legacy movie (which I have to admit was a bit of fun) I was surprised to see how much time on screen the Ducati motorcycles in the film were given. With what must have been a deal set up between the films producers and Ducati, the Italian manufacturers logo or one of their motorcycles was on screen for the majority of the scenes that took place outside of the digital world of Tron.

"Not another product shot!"

What surprised me even more was that the Ducati Sport 1000 ridden by the films leading character was recently discontinued from production. I can't help but feel this was a waste of an opportunity to boost sales of the under-performing (in sales) Sports Classic range. With no other models in the Ducati line up offering the same Cafe Racer styling, Ducati/film fans will have to settle for a secondhand Ducati Sport 1000.

If you compare these 2 images (above/below) you'll see very few differences between the stock Ducati 1000 and the one featured in Tron Legacy. The biggest changes were the removal of the indicators, blacked out gas cylinders on the rear shocks and perhaps the biggest change, a new tail with an integrated LED stop light rather that the goofy on Ducati used on the bike.

Tron Legacy Ducati

A keen photoshopper even took the connection between the film and Ducati so literally that they worked up a Ducati styled Tron lightcycle...maybe a concept for future production? I think not.

Tron Legacy Ducati

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