CB450 Cafe Racer

Benjies Cafe Racer have been the inspiration for many Cafe Racer projects and this bike built by one of their customers is a stunning example of this. This Cafe Racer started life as a 1972 Honda CB450 but has undergone a one and a half year rebuild to be transformed in to the bike you see here.

The bike features a spattering of custom parts from Benjies extensive catalogue including their Hammerhead tank and seat, battery relocation kit, bars, headlight bracket, velocity stacks and stainless steel polished pea shooter exhaust. But theres much more to this bike that the addition of a few bolt on parts (hence the 1.5 year build time!).

The wheels were coated and relaced with stainless spokes and a front drum brake from a 1970 Honda CL450 was custom fitted. The engine underwent a full tear down and overhaul with everything that could be polished brought to a mirror finish. Custom rear sets inspired by BCR's own design were fabricated and fitted with machines stainless foot pegs. The old bar mounts in the top clamp were filled and polished and new vintage style switches were fitted to the bars....

The rear shocks from a CB900F were also fitted along with a 3 inch extended swing arm which lengthened the bike overall and was apparently "the biggest pain in the butt" during the whole build. The bike is actually a Frankenstein creation with 3 CB450s donating the majority of the parts along with bits and pieces from a CB50.

A good paint job can make the difference between a nice looking bike and a real hear turner. The metallic 1970 Toyota Corolla green and black work beautifully together on the tank and seat. the pinstriping that seperates the two matches the colour of the frame which in certain light makes it hard to distiguish the exact shape of the tank from different angles. This makes the bike visually exciting as it draws you closer to see what is going on...I bet you've been leaning closer to your monitor haven't you?

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